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Relaxation, stimulation, mysticism, aromatic richness, exotic places and exciting stories: The world of tea is multifaceted, pleasurable and cosmopolitan. Ronnefeldt tea brings this precious natural product home to your home from all parts of the world. Our passion is tea, and it has been since 1823.

Many years of a unique experience has developed out of our love of pleasure. To this day, we still produce our hand-picked teas (two leaves and one bud) using traditional methods and then very gently processing them into the final product: Premium leaf teas characterised by their exquisite flavours and rich taste experience.

This fascinating tea story has been continued for you – with inspiration, sustainable approaches and innovative ideas.

The quality of our Ronnefeldt tea is a top priority for us. To meet our high standards, we select only the best growing countries for our tea gardens and perform regular quality checks to ensure the compliance of all tea products.

From the well-known tea gardens in Assam and Darjeeling on the slopes of the Himalayas and Yunnan in China, to Japan, Africa and South America; Ronnefeldt is looking for and finding the best teas in the whole world.

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Peppermint – Loose Tea



Made from spicy, peppermint leaves with the fresh and cool taste of menthol.

A highly aromatic pleasure that is achieved through particularly careful production.